What it is and how it works in practice

In my experience group supervision is rewarding and powerful. In times of financial hardship and global crisis, it is the best way to gain insights, growth, resilience, and empowerment.

Groups are set up in an action learning format of 6-8 participants where everyone is heard and the group is supportive and collaborative. Sessions are held for 2 hours every quarter.

Fees are £1,200 for 4 sessions of 2 hours each

What is coaching supervision?

Executive and business coaching is a complex activity. The coachee’s agenda is likely to cover a range of themes such as strategic management, organisational politics, leadership development, setting up sustainable processes, and so forth.

The coaching (and supervision) relationship contains many layers of meaning, some of which are difficult for the coach to work through during a particular coaching session. This could be layers such as tensions when discussing climate biodiversity topics and changes, or dealing with strong emotions arising from planetary concerns.

In my view the maintenance of standards is a key aspect of the supervisor’s role as is continuing professional development (CPD) and that we have fun building and creating together!

Jackie Arnold

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Jackie Arnold
Dip CSA Coach Supervisor and Faculty Member
Co-Founder of AOCS

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