Climate Biodiversity Coaching Course

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5 reviews for Climate Biodiversity Coaching Course

  1. Patricia, Germany

    Thanks to Jackie, Lydia and everyone else on the course for this truly inspiring learning experience!

    My greatest learning shift has been to (re)connect with my heart and gut rather than work primarily with my brain as I have been trained to do for most of my professional life. It feels good to be part of a steadily growing worldwide movement. The more like-minded people I connect with, the more I am filled with Active Hope. As a result, I now have more confidence than before in the work we can do in our joint effort to help mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss

  2. Anonymous

    This course broadly challenged my thinking and actions as a coach and a mentor in area of climate and nature. I was able to learn and unlearn, inspired, empowered and motivated with the help of the tools like the values identification, head heart gut alignment, Neil’s wheel, and the clean language, skills shared during the like exploring contracting and ethics. The breakout rooms were amazing and not forgetting the course buddies. therefore moving forward I have integrated most of the experiences and skills into my work as a coach and so far the tested ones like the head heart gut alignment and Neil’s wheel the young people love it. I want to say thank you so much Jackie and Lydia for organizing this and also many thanks to the course mates.

  3. Tatjana Dragosavac, Relationship Coach

    I am glad to recommend this course to all those who seek support on how to apply this important topic in their daily work and interaction with others. The topic is crucial for all of us who are here and for those who have not yet been born. It is important to protect our beautiful planet for their needs. It’s called being Human.

  4. Amanda Katili, Indonesia

    If you are a professional coach exploring ways to work more from your heart and less from your head; in supporting your clients in these times of crises; then this short course gives you a comprehensive primer with great tools, frameworks and insight on where to begin. This course widened my coaching horizons by giving me new knowledge in terms of theory, practice, tips, and international networks among participants as well as related organizations

  5. Kate Sandars,

    The course has deepened my self-awareness and given me greater clarity of my purpose as a coach. I've come away with fresh approaches on how to incorporate the heart-heart-gut into my coaching and how to integrate climate awareness into my approach. It's also opened me up to a community of coaches worldwide that I hope to stay connected with.”

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